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I think it best if we leave my job title out of testimonial. My sister Janice is very interested in a consult with you and if she goes thru with LASIK Surgery she can mention my name and title in her testimonial. Don’t worry, her husband owns an animal hospital in NJ and can well afford the cost.
If you use photo of me please use the one that is not close up I trust you to change my quote if you have a stronger point to make!
Kathryn of Dresher is seen observing LASIK surgery on her son Stephen. “I was overwhelmed by the knowledgeable supportive staff and the state of the art equipment. I felt complete confidence in Dr. Lewis and highly recommend him to family and friends who are considering LASIK and want the best outcome”“Finding a knowledgeable Ophthalmologist operating in a safe, sterile environment utilizing the latest technology was of critical importance to me. The LASIK surgery took minutes and was completely pain free. After experiencing the caring, supportive staff at Advanced Laser Vision
I ask myself (“Why did I wait so long?)”
Thank you, Dr. Lewis for answering all my questions”

Audio Engineer Student